Can no longer contact Steinberg via mail

Since a few weeks I can no longer contact Steinberg via mail.
When I try to register my new Cubase Pro 10, I will be redirected to the Steinberg registration page, where I can log in with my email
address and password. So far everything ok.
Then there will be a message that, to verify my email address, a code (6 numbers)
will be sent to my email address within 5 minutes. This code never arrives (I tried about 10
times already). The email address to which it will be sent is correct. Nor does any mail
from Steinberg get into my spam box, even I checked the mailbox on my web server … no
How can I still register my app and/or contact Steinberg via mail?


I’m sorry, the only way is to get in contact with Steinberg support.

Hi Martin,

yes, I know. But how can I contact them via mail … if I can not reach them via mail because of the mentioned problem :frowning:

If you don’t recieve steinberg’s emails, I’m guessing your problem is the email provider. You can always create a free email addres (gmail, outlook, whatever) and write from there explaining your problem.

As per the OP’s question, I have not received the message described in the registration process, as below:
For security reasons, verify your Steinberg ID

To verify your email address, please enter the verification code we sent to
You did not receive an email?
Check your inbox and spam folder for an email from MySteinberg Account Info (

Please allow 5 Minutes for the email to appear in your inbox.

  1. I’ve tested and verified the email address in question on the server and have sent and received from multiple senders
  2. there is nothing in the spam filter. Tested using multiple software (outlook, gmail, 3rd party)
  3. tested multiple times over 4 days.

I’m happy to be proved wrong but at this stage It’s not unreasonable to suggest that this problem looks to be @ the steinberg end.



Hi had the same problem .Download firefox then use the code set up that you will receive from Steinberg to register with Firefox web supplier . Then go back to using your normal web supplier .

By mail or email ?