Can no longer Drag and Drop Stylus RMX to track


Please help. I just upgraded my PC, and at the same time, upgraded to Nuendo 5.1.1 build 651. I was previously
running Nuendo 3 with RMX and no issues. Now, after loading RMX on the new PC, I can no longer drag and drop the file from RMX to the MIDI track, and neither is it letting me do the same to an instrument track.

I have modified the settings under FILE --> Preferences --> MIDI --> MIDI File, such that the “Auto Dissolve Format 0”,
and “Import to Instrument Tracks” are off and all other options are selected. (no Extract First Patch or Volume/Pan)
The particular track I’m trying to import to is in Musical mode.

What am I missing? :confused:


Anybody? I think I’m going to re-install Nuendo and go back to version 5.0, test, load the expansion, test,
then update to 5.1.1 and re-test. Try to see just where this is breaking. But if anyone has a suggestion,
don’t be shy.

i can get this to work but only if the midi track is set to musical mode. the auto dissolve checkbox is unchecked on my setup.

here’s a movie of the process:

Thanks Maxhowarth, but I received an answer from Steinberg. The solution was for me to us the 32-bit version of Nuendo. All is fine. See, I have the 32-bit version of RMX as well as SEVERAL other 32-bit plugins that I’ll have to upgrade. The following is the Steinberg reply(s):

“The cause is most likely you are running the 64 bit version of Nuendo and the plugin in is 32 bit. It will run through the (Steinberg) bridge but a lot of times functions like drag and drop do not work through the bridge. If this plugin does not have a 64 bit update and is critical to your work flow i would install the 32 bit version of Nuendo 5 and it should function normally. The only solution for it to work in 64 bit is if then plugin is update to 64 bit.”

Also note I asked “Last question. When will this bridge be fixed for 64 bit? The issue seems to be dealt with in Sonar and through jbridge. What is Steinbergs plan?”

The reply:

“You can also use jbridge with Cubase. Some 3rd party plugin’s seem to work better through that. Our VST bridge is just a transitional tool to help through the transition to 64 bit. The only solution to the issue is for the plugin’s to be updated to 64 bit. A lot of plugin’s are already 64 bit. If certain ones that you use are not, you may want to contact those companies to see when they plan on releasing a 64 bit version.”