can no longer layer samples from built in browser

seemingly out of nowhere i have lost the ability to layer instrument pads with samples pulled from the built in browser in groove agent 5 :frowning:
when i try and drop a sample from groove agent’s own browser onto a pad, i only get the option to replace the sample.
if i use the regular cubase media bay then i still get the 3 options - replace/layer/chromatic.
is this a bug? have i somehow activated a “feature”?
anyone found this or have a solution?

Hi, I have the same problem, have you found a solution?


No solution I’m sorry. I’m Starting to question my sanity over this actually. Was I ever able to layer sounds from the instrument tab? I really thought so but maybe not? I’ve combed through the manual, multiple Youtube vids and forum posts but am unable to definitively find if this is meant to be a feature. Really seems like it should be!

Theres nothing wrong with your sanity, drag and drop from the media bay is deffo a new and reviewed feature, I was using it myself both in SE and 5. Same goes, both just stopped working. Have you tried re installing?

No haven’t tried re-installing…yet.
I got to clarify though, I have since found that using the built in media bay, It is possible to drag/drop/layer from the “browser” tab but not the “instrument” tab. Should both be possible?

Hi, yes you should be able to drag and drop from GA own browser, mine was working fine but then ceased to work for some reason. can still use the host browser but i want to use GA browser and its functions. ive put a support request in so ill let you know if they sort it, prob a few days before they get back. There is always some kind of problem with steinberg products, third party plugins work fine with no hassle.


Thanks man, I’m looking forward to that! Sadly living here in Australia we can’t do support tickets here. Usually with their bugs I just hope the problem goes away, and/or i just work around that particular problem :confused:

Its a shame Steinberg always have bugs with their software it does my head in. Ive had remote support off them in the past, make sure you havnt got any un used trial plugins from steinberg in your system, that can cause all sorts of problems.


Hi zoidkirb,

Are you talking specifically about GA5 because it’s working perfectly for me using GA SE5? I don’t have the full version.

Hi, It’s happening in GA 5 SE and 5 full version


I just want to repeat that layering samples is working perfectly for me using Groove agent 5 SE.

I’ve just tested it again using two samples from the stock Hip Hop Vault/One Shots folder.

I dragged both samples into the uppermost square on the C1 Instrument Pad and then on the main edit page changed the Mode parameter from Velocity to Layer and then when I hit the C1 Pad both samples play at once!

Is this the way you’re all doing it?

Kind regards

James Colah

Hi, yes that’s what should happen but for some reason that function as gone, maybe there is a preference that needs changing I’m not sure.


I’m talking about using the built in browser in groove agent 5 , full version, using the built in ga 5 browser. whether i set mode to layer, round robin etc doesn’t affect affect if i can layer or not.

Same here, no layer or chromatic when dragging from GA own browser.

Hi, i had an idea a couple of days ago but only just remembered to try it.
Here goes.
1 Drag a sample from the GA instrument Browser on to pad1, you’ll see the same problem, only the middle option on the pad.
2 drag the next sample you want to layer on to pad 2 then drag pad 2 on to pad 1 and you will get the options, don’t forget to change the mode to layer in the sample window or you will only hear the last sample you added.
It works for me, give it a go and let me know how you get on.


OMG you are a genius! That does indeed work :slight_smile: TBH I’d just shelved messing around with Groove Agent recently as the issue was aggravating me to enough to the point where I wasn’t getting work done because I was fiddling around trying to fix things. Although I was still able to drag in and layer my own samples from the browser tab, I really prefer to layer samples from the Steinberg collection that I have spent a lot of money on.
It will be interesting to see if support ever get back to you :confused:

Glad its worked for you, believe me, I know how frustrating it can be when you’ve spent good money and things are not working as they should, its always been the same with Steingerg, they release the software before they have ironed out the bugs!!. Its awaiting game with support, you know yourself the problems Cubase has and from what I see on the forum there are lots of issues so I guess support get thousands of requests, ive sometimes had a reply 3 weeks later.


Agreed. I really do understand about there’s gonna be bugs with software. It’s old, it’s complicated, there’s a lot of it. But they offer pretty much zero support outside of EU and USA it seems. Their presence is close to zero here on their own forums, where I feel a lot of the issues could be dealt with before getting escalated to a ticket (which I can’t submit anyway) . A bit of transparency and communication would really make people feel better about the occasional bug.

Yeah the support is shocking!!

HI. I’m very new to GA5, sorry to butt in here but… I can follow what you are saying about dragging to pad two and then dragging pad two to pad one, this DOES change what appears in the pad, but I don’t understand HOW to change the MODE? Would you explain this to me with a screen shot maybe? Thank you very much!