Can no longer record from mic input on my UR22

Hello all!

I’ve checked a couple of sources and hoping someone may have some insight into this. I haven’t recorded audio for a little while and now seem unable to do so through the mic input. There is no signal at all. I’m using Sonar X3 Producer and I thought perhaps it had something to do with compatibility when my computer upgraded to Windows 10 - it wouldn’t give me an option not to. So, I just installed the latest driver, which seems to indicate it should handle Windows 10, but it’s still not working. I can do everything else with it and can hear everything back but I was looking forward to finally recording some vocals.

I’ve made sure phantom power is on, all connections seem to be secure, the right input has been selected. Any ideas on what else I could look into? Thanks so much!

I’m guessing it’s due to proper routing in X3. Make sure the input in Sonar is set to line 1/2 (whichever XLR input you have your mic in) and check if your mic needs Hi-Z (most do). Finally look in DspMixFX if your channel is active and if the input on the UR22 is not set to CC mode.