Can not activate Cubase Pro from a new bought product because the code is in use by someone?

My problem is this.
I try to activate new product with UR816C included Cubase Pro
this included cubase pro license code which i had to open to read the code.
after trying to activate the licensence it tells me thath the code is used already.

contacted steinberg by e-mail they say i need to contact the suplier.
can someone from steinberg tell me why i need to contact the supplier of a new opened product with a to open brieflet where the code is written that this code is than used and that i need to contact a suplier which just send me a brand new product ?

i think there is something wrong with steinberg and there license server it maybe hacked.
please solve this mather quickly otherwise i will be forced to send equempment with cubase pro back to the supplier in this case and i will need to buy an other product from a other suplier which software will simple work.

Please come with a proper solution do not put the problem you have back to the customer.
You can see that i registerd the product and that with this product there is a cubase pro bruduct solved with it.


Which email did you use, please?

Probably because there is some kind of support strategy and policy, as it is common in many companies.

Dear customer, Thank you for contacting Steinberg Support. Please try to contact the dealer of the product, as this license was already used. If this has no success, please provide a proof of purchase/ receipt. Best regards, Rafael Weber Steinberg Support ________________________________________________________________________________ eLicenser Service Closes Down in 2025! ________________________________________________________________________________ Hotline +49 (0)40 401 10125 Opening hours (CET): Monday - Friday: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm


To me it sounds like clear, understandable and logical instructions.

This may be completely unrelated, but just in case:

I have a number of Steinberg products including Cubase 13. Last week I signed in to MySteinberg to authorise a product. When I went back to Cubase, it wouldn’t open and said I had no license. None of my other Steinberg apps would open either. Cold sweat. I then closed out of MySteinberg and logged in again with my other email address. This time everything appeared, and I was once again able to use all my Steinberg software.


I do not know what you find understandable ?
I buy a new product and i can not activate the software out of the box.
with a message that the software license is already in use ?
this is for me un understandible situation.
Maybe more people have this problem ?

Did you enter the code in the Steinberg Download Assistant?


I find understandable the process, Steinberg has set up. To solve your problems, follow their instructions, please.

This is the response from software activation in the download manager

and i do not think this is a dealer problem if it is a new product out of the box with unopened leavlet with a code written on the leavlet.

this is a problem of steinberg handing out a license to someone els ???

I think I can spot the problem.
You assume that Cubase Pro is included with the UR816C but according to the Steinberg website the included version is Cubase AI.

Your Steinberg Download Assistant indicates that you have access to Cubase AI 13 already. That means you entered the code once already and can now proceed to download and install the software. You do not need to enter the code again.

Click here…
…and then download and install the items that are displayed on the right hand side of the window.


Good point, @Johnny_Moneto ! But I don’t think this is the problem in the first place.

The code has been used already. You have to get in contact with the dealer, to solve it. Then you will get another code, you can use.

it is correct i already have Cubase Ai 13

but now this there is also product Cubase pro
see this leavlet with code (i will not show the code it self)
included a card with text Cubase Pro
so for me cubase AI is not the same as Cubase Pro ???

see screen there is product called cubase 13 pro

leavlet comes here

here the box does it say cubase pro

Yes, I found this bundle on the Steinberg web page, too, now. It is called " Cubase Pro Recording Pack".

Everybody sees that like this. Even if they haven’t bought Cubase 13. Important is the section above “My Product Downloads”. Only that section shows YOUR products.

Just to make sure: You haven’t used the download code on another computer already, right?

Even though it might not be your fault, possibly the fastest way of resolving the issue would be to send a scan or a copy of your proof of purchase to Rafael Weber of Steinberg Support. I am sure they will give you a new code directly afterwards.

No this message came direct when i tried to enter the code for the first time.
So i am a bit angry that now steinberg want me to contact a dealer because there code does not work ??? on a new product.

It is your good right to be upset.
However, I think that the fastest way to get to use the product that you paid for is to transmit the proof of purchase to Rafael.

regarding sending information i already did do this, waiting still for them to answer, while all the time you can not use this product.

@j.m.g_menting , I am sorry for the inconvenience.
Indeed, there seems to be an issue here that we have to take a look at (and not the shop this was purchased at). I have found your ticket and will send a reply today.

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Thanks for solving this problem.
It works now