Can not activate Halion 4 update license!

I have a valid Halion 3 license. Got the Halion 4 update today. But the eLicenser Control Center says there is no license to update! ???

Could it be because my H3 license is an collection license after updating a Scarbee Imperial Drums+Halion 3.x Player OEM?


I think it is best that you contact Steinberg support.

It appears you are using the HALion Player (OEM) version 3 which is not the same as the different product HALion 3, but it is using the HALion 3 engine. It is basically the same as what HALion Sonic SE and HALion Sonic is to HALion 4. They both use the engine of H4 to play sounds. Steinbergs’ The Grand is also using the H4 engine.

Like PascalVB said, contact Steinberg support and explain your situation.

First I had SID XL with the Halion OEM player, but later I upgraded that one to the full Halion 3 license. That is why they are tied together as “Collection” on the USB eLicenser. Anyway I have now sent a message to Steinberg Support and I am sure they will help me. Thanks for ideas.

Oh ok, I just looked at what you wrote and I presumed (wrongly, sorry) that it was a license for the HALion Player OEM plug-in (“Halion 3.x Player OEM”). One would think that when you upgraded to an actual HALion 3 license that it would create a H3 specific one next to the collection license.

Anyways, sorry for my confusion, and I am sure Steinberg will take care of you! :slight_smile:

I have halion3 on cubase studio 5.5.3.
Will halion 4 work with this version.
I have a Win 7, 64-bit system.

HALion 4 comes as VST3.5 as well as VST2.4 so yes it will work with your version of Cubase.

I have written to Steinberg support twice. So far no answer and no help. I guess they got lots of things to do, but I have bought the H4 upgrade and still can not use it.