Can not activate licence for cubase 11

USB is connected and seen by computer. eLicencer control center shows USB and says Cuebase 11 is assigned to it. Cuebse wants activation. I put in the activation code, and both the USB and the softelicencer show crossed out and it says to connect a valid USB elicencer.

I have deleted the licenses online, reloaded them again, restarted, re activated, resatred cuebase, reloaded codes again and again…it has been three hours and cubase will not work. eLicences are listed in control center properly, and assigned to the USB, They are crossed out in red when I try to activate, and it asks for a valid USB.

This making sense. This USB works on my old computer with cuebase 8. Do I need to order a new USB for cuebase 11? What do I do… 3 hours in and over a dozen attempts… nothing.

Missing some details here for sure. A somewhat confusing post, but I’ll try to make some sense of your situation …

Cubase 11 “what”? As in, which exact version do you have a permanent license for showing in the eLCC on your USB-eLicenser?

What is the exact message you receive when launching Cubase?

This is where things get scary. When people start performing random actions things can get mixed up in a hurry.

Screenshots could be extremely helpful here (just be sure to blur out any Soft/USB-eLicenser numbers).