Can not find a device. Please connect the device.

Hi Folks.
I’m after some guidance.

Every now and then, Cubase freezes and I am forced to close it via Task Manager.
When I do this Cubase loses the sound card I have selected and reverts back to Generic Low Latency ASIO driver.
I use a Roland Quad-Capture device to handle sound and MIDI.

I then do the following:

  1. Open Device Setup.
  2. Select VST Audio System in the devices tree.
  3. I select QUAD-CAPTURE from the drop down list for field ASIO Driver.
  4. Cubase asks me “Do you want to switch the ASIO driver?”
  5. I click on the Switch button.
  6. Cubase then informs me that “Can not found a device. Please connect the device.”

The only way forward is to restart Windows, start Cubase and all is fine, I can select QUAD-CAPTURE.

Restarting Cubase does not solve the behaviour.

Why does Cubase complain?

Are you using a USB2 or USB3 port?

Have you disabled USB selective suspend?

Hi Grim,

I’m using USB2.

I’ve disabled USB Selective Suspend, it was active.

Now to wait for another ‘freeze’.

USB2 is a better bet for this interface. Hopefully selective suspend will help.

I used quad capture for almost 3 years and faced the exact same issue very often… never found a solution… i’d just resume working after a windows and cubase restart… quite annoying… finally found a workaround by using the quad capture’s physical ins and outs but with ASIO4all…

Have now shifted to an Audient ID4… havent faced this problem since…

What I do is disconnect the USB cable from the back of Quad Capture and after a few seconds put it back in.
Windows now finds Quad Capture.

Hi !! You could find a solution to the problem ? I’ve the same problem with the quad capture and is frustrating… Like this is impossible work !!

I can’t really help you but I’ve got the same problem on every PC I ever had since I have the Roland Quad-Capture 4x4 Interface :unamused: