Can not find French Horn in Bb

Hi ,
sorry this may be a repeated question .
According to the Pdf score file I can not find French horn for Bb in Flow no 4 in the attached score file .
How can I choose instrument found in score but not found in Dorico ?
Thanks02_WoO08_Complete Score.dorico (1.0 MB)Flow_4.pdf (665.3 KB)

Hi !
If you do not find an instrument that matches exactly what you need, use another one that has the correct transposition and rename it. Or use the clefs and transposition tools provided in 3.5 (setup mode, right panel, context menu) with an existing instrument (and edited name).
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You could use Bb Flugelhorn.

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Not certain, but that would give you horn in Bb alto whereas the part is probably Bb basso. Bb Baritone horn or Bb Euphonium would give you the correct tranposition for playback purposes, if that is an issue.

Dorico overs you both high and low Bb Horns. They’re just under Horn (Alto) and Horn(Basso)

Hi Steinberg,
Please explain in detailed steps how to transpose ? Which original instrument do I use French Horn in C for eg ? How can I transpose it to Bb ?

Hi Ehabaziz!
If you address on a Saturday night or a Sunday morning Steinberg… well I guess they don’t have to answer (even though they usually do!) but any experienced user can help you there.
There are several ways “transposing” can be understood. I often get commissions for fellow singers who need vocal scores transposed (to fit a 415Hz diapason for instance), but I understand it’s not what you’re dealing with. You’re talking about *transposing instruments *.
When you choose an instrument in the Instrument picker, Dorico offers you a choice of transposing instruments in the last column (on the far right size). If you don’t find the right transposition, you have to:
• check whether the instrument could exist by another name or
• use a workaround : pick another instrument which has the same transposing behavior
If neither are possible, you can choose an instrument and then use the Clef and Transposition override feature in Setup mode. But that is quite unlikely — I’ve had to use it on very rare instruments from the baroque era with pitches at 415 or 392Hz that had to fit with modern instruments. But it’s nonetheless very useful and well-designed.
If you have a horn in C and you want to write it as a Bb Horn, I would suggest you go in Setup mode, next to the player’s instrument you invoke the context menu (or instrument menu) and choose “change instrument” in the instrument picker, write horn in the search field and you should find a Bb version of your instrument that will fill your needs.
Hope it helps!