Can not get haleon se to recored

new to this have not played with a sequencer for many years. I followed the getting started tutorial and even just checked it. made a instument track set up to halion sonic se. cecked the midi and looks ok did write record and record hit a few cord presets and notta. the time line goes the volume bars show key volumes going but the track is blank and dissapears after record off. Any ideas.

Can’t record via GUI.

I am trying to use the graphical user interface do not have a keyboard yet.

Like I said, verbotten.

You can record by creating an Instrument track, then play the keyboard in the Key Editor while recording. :smiley:

Thanks but I want to use the cord pads in Halion which means I need a keyboard with pads, anyone know of a cheap one I just want a cheap but good midi keyboard interface to use with cubase vst instruments. Right now I am an amateur trying to have fun and learn. Planning on doing mostly dance and dubstep like music.

You should read the manual for the plug to find how to do what you want to do.

The manual that came with the box set of Cubase Artist 7 has like a 3 page manual is there a online one?

Somewhere within those 3 pages it will tell you where to get more information i.e. where the manuals are - including the one for the plugins, if you need more help. :wink:

We use a 2-octave M-Audio KeyRig25 for data entry. It is about the size of a computer keyboard and sits nicely on the desktop. Quite affordable and includes a software synth.

Doubles as Cubase control surface too so you would probably like it! :smiley:

Not sure about Artist but the PDF manual for Cubase is found on the Help menu. :slight_smile: