Can Not Get tech Support

Ok I own N10 on a Mac system,N10 Crashes using EuCon on large Post sessions, I reached out to tech support, but they say they can’t help because I’ve not engaged tech support in my user profile, I have logged on to my profile, done everything they have asked still they say they can not access tech support
the simplest way is to show you the conversation,If anyone knows if our profiles are in Europe or America please let me know because Steinberg tech support can not tell.
long story short it has been frustrating, trying to use a professional app, and the tech support can not help…I live in Los Angeles, USA

Hi Tommy,

Please contact for support with your account. I’m still not able to access it. This is either because you have still not opted- in to the support as requested in your account by clicking the “yes I want support” option (My Profile>Newsletter And Support>) or because your country in the account is not a United States. I am not sure what the issue is, but I do not wish to waste any more of your time if I’m not able to help you or access the required information. Thank you.