Can not install update 6.0.2 on OSX

When I try to install update 6.0.2 over my 6.0.0 installation on my Mac Book Pro I get a message that says that Cubase 6 has to be installed. But it is. I run it all the time…

Any help?

PS: I’m a total Mac OSX amateur - so if you have suggestions: please be specific :wink:

Ok, found the solution myself:

I moved Cubase onto the desktop after installing it.

Now I moved it back to the Programms folder and then the update worked.

hi was just reading this & realized that you may need to fix disc permissions so to prevent something
like this happening again…
Not sure if that had anything to do with it but no harm checking your permissions …

Apps/Utility/Disc Utility/repair disc permissions

always good to do this every so often :wink:

yes without the slightest doubt, your Applications folder permissions are incorrect

I’ve patch updated pretty much every single Cubase 5 and 6 without a single hitch in both leopard and snow leopard