Can not open Channel Settings Window in Cubase AI5 (Windows

I was moving various windows around within a Cubase project when the
channel settings window disapperaerd and now I can not get it back. I may
have drug it off the bottom of the screen. I have tried advice from similar
postings such as changing screen resolution but so far no luck. I do not
have a 2nd monitor attached to this machine though I may try that later.

Using the “Windows” menu I can get the channel selection window to appear
in minimized form with a ghosted appearance. The only options available by
right clicking are ‘move’ and ‘close’ and the only windows menu options
which have any effect are ‘close’ and ‘minimize’.

Good thing I didn’t like need to do any mixing or anything this morning!

Any help greatly appreciated.


The window was indeed off the bottom of the screen. For some reason if the
main Cubase window is maximized it extends below the Windows Taskbar at the
bottom of the screen instead of abutting to the its top. I think this is
new behavior.

Yesterday I moved the Taskbar to the screen top but the missing window was
not visible. The breakthrough came when I inadvertently moved the
transport window off the bottom with the result that it too became
inaccessible. Again I moved the Taskbar to the screen top and
again the missing windows were not visible. Putting the Taskbar back I
could just barely notice the transport window opening and closing behind
it as I pressed F2. It was obviously there but still useless. I next tried
moving the Taskbar to the side and that did the trick. Both transport and
channel control windows where then visible.

One trick I’ve used to find “lost windows” for more than 2 decades:

  1. Make sure your “lost window” is activate (select it from “Window” menu, open it, or whatever method your software supports to bring a window to the front)
  2. Hit Alt+Space then hit “M” (Move … may be another key in non-English Windows versions)
  3. Use cursor keys to bring the window back to the visible area