Can not open new VST instruments

I use Cubase 9 artist

I have installed komplete 10 and set the correct paths in plugin manager
All the vst instuments are visible in the plugin manager window. And it all seems fine.

However, I can not see them when I open the Add new instrument browser.

Are you trying to add them as a track insert or in mediabay?

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I realized that I could add the komplete instrument by add a new instrument rack
Seems that solves it my problem :slight_smile:

Well it works around your problem rather than solving it…can you screengrab the add new instrument browser that you are talking about?

Hi There

Just a thought, have you had a look in the plug in manager under devices? If you had set up one of your own lists there, when adding new instruments i always need to drag them into my list before it will show up.

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