can not open older projects

Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 3.06.53 PM.png
i have couple projects done in Cubase 7.0.2 or 7.0.0,
now after update to 7.0.3 i can not open them,
the cubase 7 looks like loading vst instruments, forever…
No crash, just loading forever…

i also have 6.5 working copy, but the same endless loading…

any help ? :bulb:

Many thanks


Tryied osx 10.6.8
The same on Lion 10.7.5 and also on 10.8

Hide your vst plugins (rename folder) and try…usually a single plug that won’t work for some reason.

Aloha j,

Try opening them in C7’s new ‘Safe Start’ mode.

HTH (hope this helps).

Cubase safe mode ? how can i start in this mode ? Never heard about…

Thanks folks,
i have finally solved the issue,
there was Play vat instrument (east west) which had sample library on external firewire drive!!!
I have switched Cubase 7 to work in 64 bit mode and voila, the Alert pops up, so i could navigate to
the right sample folder !

Please in 32 bit mode could someone fix the bug for others ?
( i had to migrate to 10.8 ) :ugeek:

Have a nice day