Can not playback

Can not playback files. I select a note or rest and hit “P” and the green line appears but no sound and the line does not advance. I hit the space bar - nothing happens. Eventually after trying a bunch of things, Dorico turns opaque and stops and says in the upper left corner “Not responding” I’ve tried restarting Dorico, restarting my PC, unplugging my sound input device. etc.


Stan Martin
Dorico (304 KB)

Hi Stan, sorry to hear about your trouble. I did take a look at the logs, but especially from the audio engine side, I can’t see anything unusual.

I saw that you are using NotePerformer in your project, so may I suggest that you step down and try something very basic?
Start Dorico and create a new project using the Piano template. When you enter a handful of arbitrary notes and then press Play, what does happen? Any playback going?
Also, when you open the HALion Sonic editor window, at the bottom of that window is an on-screen keyboard. When you click with the mouse on that, also sound should come out, does it?

It would be also good to get hands on your project that is making trouble. Could you please send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Confidentiality fully guaranteed.