Can not post in any other group

Hi, I just purchased a CI1 interface and I am using both Sequel LE 2 and a demo of Sequel 3. I have subscribed to both groups but I am unable to post to the forums. It seems the only forum I can post to is the CI forum. I have a number of questions that I would love to ask about both versions of sequel. As an example, can you only have 3 effects active on an individual track at one time in Sequel 3 ? If no, then how do add more effects. Also with Sequel 3 with VST Amp how do you get to access the stomp boxes under each amp preset ? Please help.

I agree, we should be able to post in the Wavelab and Sequel forum sections, since we will likely have questions concerning the software. I just started a topic about this(, but I’m going to ask Steinberg. I’ll let you know what they say.

thanks for the reply - you would think that the moderators would reply to this question as it concerns using and perhaps upgrading the software from Sequel LE2 to Sequel 3 or even Cubase. If you can not ask questions regarding what you have purchased then what would be the sense of upgrading and then face the same silence if you encounter problems. In the most basic sense, I can not find feature set information about the sequel products.


I didn’t forget about you, but Steinberg has been unusually slow responding to this question. They said, “We apologize but the OEM licenses do not give posting access.” I guess that means we’ll have to post questions concerning the bundled software in the CI1 forum section. If you do upgrade to Sequel 3 you will be allowed to post in the Sequel side of the forum.

While you are running the trial, your best information sources will be the Sequel Tutorials on SB’s Youtube channel and the PDF Operation Manual that came with your download. If any advanced problems come along, you can, of course, fill out a support form. Good luck getting any great Sequel 3 help around these parts, though.