Can Not Preview Sounds in Groove Agent SE 5

Cubase pro 12
Macbook 2018 intel chip
open a beat agent
Go to the instrument tab
choose any instrument , like clap or kick
On the right side - X on any selection and
none of the instruments will preview
If I X on the on-screen kybd or the pads - they will sound
If I drag any of the selections onto a pad - the pad will sound that selection

Cubase tech support has no clue.



Here, the Prelisten section shows nothing when double-clicking on an instrument and the little transport area, under the Instruments result list, is not working, no matter if I set the Prelisten in place option to Always or Auto. And yes, the instrument is loaded and can be triggered by the relevent pad.

Unless we are missing something, I think it’s a bug worth reporting…

EDIT : the GA SE5 version used is the 5.1.11 one.
EDIT 2 : @cubase1 - I would tag your thread with Cubase-12 and issue


Same here. I have one track which was added Groove Agent SE4 - it’s preview still working. And in the same Project, while add or duplicate another Groove agent SE (now 5 installed), the preview on the newly added tracks won’t work.

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