Can not purchase upgrades

I apologize for posting here but I have exhausted all the options I can locate.
Wow, this experience is almost as bad as doing business with Avid.

I’m attempting to purchase Nuendo 10 upgrades. I proceed to the checkout, am redirected to the AmEx SafeKey site where they verify my veracity, then redirected back to the Steinberg shop where I receive a message -
“Your order is pending confirmation. Kindly check your email for further updates on your order status”.
No email, no update.
When I finally give up and refresh the page I get the message -
“Sorry the order you are trying to pay is not marked for credit card payment. Please start here for new checkout”.
That statement makes zero sense to me.
However I play along and click on the link, it takes me back to where I have to start all over, I select the products, enter the CC information, am redirected to the AmEx SafeKey site again, redirected back to the Steinberg shop with the same nonsensical messages.

Attempting to get Steinberg support there are two options - tech support with Steinberg and sales support with Nexway. I went through the annoying process of filing a support request with Nexway and, guess what, their site won’t accept it because I don’t have a valid order number. OF COURSE I DON’T HAVE A VALID ORDER NUMBER! That’s the point!

I have 8 more licenses to update, a combination of 7+8 upgrades. In the past doing business with Steinberg has been easy. Avid’s process each year is abysmal and painful. Why is this Nexway business devolving? That’s not necessary.

Please, any assistance is appreciated.

I’ve had similar payment failures and general brokenness buying Steinberg updates before; What browser are you using? Make sure you temporarily turn off any ad blockers or other privacy options that would prevent things like 3rd party cookies from working. Usually I just give up and use a different browser from my main one, like Edge on Windows, rather than trying to disable everything in my primary browser (which is Firefox.)

May or may not be helpful in your case; I’m a Visa person, not dealt with AmEx.


For anyone searching the forum for answers - it’s possible it takes some time before the order goes through. The page seemed “immediate” but that’s semantics and I understand that. Support sent a message they had received two duplicate orders and were holding the second as they suspected a duplicate.
I have not yet received confirmation that it “takes a while” but that’s ok as long as I know. We’ve updated 3 licenses and have 7 more to go and I’m fine with waiting a day if I know about it.
Hope this helps,

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I have exactly the same issue with Cubase Pro 10.5 upgrade.
The status of my payment is Pending.
How much time it takes for the order to complete?

The same multiple payment failures but only with NI Kontakt. I just gave up and used Paypal option instead of my credit card. What’s going on with payment systems?

These are legal requirements that we have to fulfill. Be assured that this isn’t something Steinberg came up with in order to confuse its customers. Those payment transactions need to be confirmed by the respective credit card institute or bank. We’re doing high volumes of transactions so we’re obligated to fulfill those requirements. The approval time depends on how fast the credit institute confirms the payment.

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Not sending an email with the basic acknowledgement that an order has been placed and is awaiting confirmation is a crappy experience for someone who just dropped $500, has the money gone from their account, and now has to worry that your order system messed up, their $500 is at risk, they have no tracking number, and have deal with support though email. Rediculous


So to be sure…
If I choose to pay by PayPal, the payment will be approved instantly and I could expect to download upgrade the same day I purchased it?

If so… This should be noted in the purchase payment page

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