Can not reactivate Cubase 10 pro after reinstalling Windows

i used to have a Cubase 5 with a usb dongle, which later on i upgaded to cubase 10 pro (bought an upgrade license).

Right now, after reinstalling Windows on a new computer, i cant activate Cubase. When i open elicencer i can see a Cubase 10 license and i have “Enter activation code” option. If i write down the Cubase 10 upgrade code it says “Currently there is no license available to be upgraded by your upgrade license. Please connect a USB eLic which holds an appropriate upgradeable lic to your computer”.

If i try to activate my older Cubase 5 license it says “The activation code has been used already. An activation code can be used only once to download or upgrade a license.”.

Does anyone knows how to fix this?

What is there to fix? If the license shows in the eLCC, you should be good go. That’s the advantage of the USB -eLicenser - no need to reactivate a license.

I´m about to reactivate Cubase too very soon… As far as I understand you must reactivate you license via your Steinberg account (log in to you r account on Steinberg website). Have you reactivated the license this way?

You can not and (don´t need to) reactivate Cubase Pro 10 !

Yep, sorry, didn´t realize it´s Pro. I take back.

Guys, i’m sorry, i found out what was the problem and it was on my end . Turns out i accidentally downloaded Cubase 10.5 and not realizing it was a new product requiring a new license . I downloaded Cubase 10 and the license was working.

Anyway , as far as i understood, if you’re reinstalling windows and have usb dongle license, no reactivation process is needed , the license stays on the usb dongle as it was and the new installation of Cubase should recognize it.
If you have a software license (not a usb one) , you need to do the reactivation process and should receive a new key.

Anyway, thanks for your help!