Can not register Cubase AI9.5

I purchased Cubase AI 9.5 and have been trying to register it for 3 days.
I successfully entered the registration key to the eLicense Control Center and I see the program see it in the window.
My profile in the steinberg website shows the Cubase AI is activated.
However when I try to launch the Cubase - it constantly shows the window which informs me the program does not have licence.
I need help with the product I spent money for.

I hope you got this working but of not…

Try downloading the latest eLicenser software from Steinberg and set it to run as administrator.

Also, for the best assist you should always list your computer/hardware specs.

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I am very disappointed with this software and the support.
Most of the time when I try to see the profile I see only 503 error on the website.
And I still can not register Cubase. I tried reinstall and update. The same error.
Is it possible to refund?

The problem has been solved. The topic can be closed and erased.

How did it get fixed?

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I have Cubase AI 9 in e-licenser. But I have downloaded AI9.5 and installed it.
How can I upgrade to AI 9.5?