Can not Register Cubase El 8 update

A few weeks ago I activated Cubase El 8 update in Win 7.
And a few days ago I remove win7 and install Cubase El 8 update on Win 8.1.
But I can not activate it (only Cubase El 6), for I can not get a new code, because I can not see it in my account.
If I try to register it with the used Activation Code, it said:
‘The eLicenser assigned to this Activation Code is deprecated’.

And also I have not store the Download Acces Code and also I can not get the eLicenser number, because Cubase El 8 update does not show up in the eLicenser Download Center.
What a fuss.
How can I solve this?

Hi all, I still have not get any assistent from Steinberg and on this forum.

The problem is , thet I can not get a new Activation Code for my Cubase El 8 update.
I can not register it with the first used Activation Code. It said:
‘The eLicenser assigned to this Activation Code is deprecated’.

because its soft license you probably have to transfer it to a new license manager. you cannot use the same soft license more than once as it is tied to the elcc on the machine you authorised. you could transfer the license to a hardware usb dongle to use on different/new setups. you will have to wait for steinberg support as this forum cannot help you with licensing problems.

Thank you DL for helping.
Yes, I’ll wait for Steinberg; they are very busy probably.
But it’s not much work to send me a code.

Hello,I got exactly the same problem. A week ago I upgraded from Cubase LE 8 to Cubase Elements 8. After installation I opened the elicenser control center and entered the activation code & everything was okay. But when I wanted to register this software on mysteinberg account I receive this error “‘The eLicenser assigned to this Activation Code is deprecated’”! Since then I’ve been searching a solution for this problem + Trying to contact with Steinberg Tech. Support but no way I could find a way contacting them! Seems that support is not available! No email, no tel…How can I fix this problem? Hope that someone can help me resolving this issue. Any help is highly appreciated
-Detail about my purchase:
Order Confirmation
Order Number: 213087928
Order Date: 30/03/2016

Anyone has fixed this problem? I still could not get support from Steinberg

Assuming you have changed hardware or installing to a new computer then follow the instructions titled:

How can I request a new activation code resp. what is the procedure for a reactivation?

From this page:

in fact I have lost my new computer and wanted to get the old one back on.
Th eliceser is working fine but has an old license number. I cannot revive this number, so I re installed the eliceser expecting to get a brand new number. Nop. the same old number came up

I have ulgraded in this laptop to Elements 9 hoping this would fix it, nothing. Same thing
I need to get the old number valid again, but the szstem keep telling me it is out of use