Can not save instrument presets like in any modern DAW

Hi there,

Can not save instrument presets like in any modern DAW

This is quite of an issue


-1 vst rack instrument ( bc cubase midi routing is so limited you have to use rack instrument for simple midi side chain )
-1 FX track with reverb
-1 Volume SideChain via MIDI on the FX track

Now in any modern music program you can go and press “save preset” and it will save your sound with all the above routings so that you can also preview it

But now in cubase not only did i have to use a rack instrument to create simple midi routing ( and rack instruments don’t work properly when selecting channels in the mixer )

But now i can not even save one of the greatest sounds i have created so that i could preview it in the context of my song

It is really irritating that in 2018 some of the fundamental things people use daily in other DAWs are impossible in Cubase and the features are literally from the 90’s

I mean do you not want your software to be appealing?

Should not take a whole lot of effort to hire someone making music on other DAWs to pinpoint what is going on in the modernized workflow in the sequencer world

Like someone who would ve told you that Lower Zone exists in order to organize mix routings horizontally and pianoroll and mixer are secondary features of Lower Zone ( now the main idea of lower zone is missing in cubase )


I fully agree. Things like this are what make a DAW modern, fast, and workflow-friendly.

Yet another thing I’ve been campaigning for …for years… frustrated. You can save it, however, by using “export selected tracks.”

“Export Selected Tracks” would be perfect if we could just preview them like we can with Track Presets and Midi Loops.