Can not save presets on dspMixFX UR44

for some reason I can’t save presets on dspFx.
Please see attached screen.
2014-06-02 19_59_45-.jpg
Left list is showing only one item “ANLG 1”. Right list can’t be even open. I don’t see any defaults presets and I can’t save my own.
Did I miss something or this is kind of software issue?

I have latest drivers downloaded and installed today. previous drivers had the same problems.
I’m using Win7 x64.

The preset saving menu is bassackwards if you ask me. Try clicking on the icon in the analog 1 box and save it there. Then it shows up over on the right. Not intuitive at all IMHO.

I posted the same thing in another thread but using iPad:

Thanks, it works as you wrote.