Can not turn the Metronome ON

New to the sight , at any event I’ve read a ton of info ,and figured out how to use le4 and le5. I am truly enjoying my experience with it thus far . However all the sudden i can not seem to get the metronome to turn on. I have already used it numerous times and have not had a problem until now. By the way I know it is something I have or have not done that has caused this.It usually is and I don’t usually ask for much help , I’d much rather figure stuff out my self,so if I don’t get an answer , eh what ever I’ll just go back to what I always do . P.S. I know where the on and off is for it on the transport, it is not that.

Ah problem solved ! It took less time to solve than it is taking to write this. Oh well for anyone who is having brain cramps like me all I had to do was go to the metronome set up and look in the slot under the words,“midi port/channel” then select my device. Glad I did not waste any ones time with.