Can not uninstall Cubase 5.3.1 after upgrade to 6.5


I recently upgraded Cubase 5.3.1 to 6.5. While doing so the 5.3.1 version didn´t vanish so afterwards I tried to unistall it but it failed. The error message: “Could not access network location”. Anybody got a clue?
Now, this is´t a great problem, the 6.5 version work ok (except that Halion SE doesn´t work but the old Halion One does) I´ve got Windows XP and I know it´s not supported anymore but still there are XP users out there…

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Maybe it couldn’t access network location because it requires Admin Privileges ( in Windows ) .
Are you trying to do the task using the Administrator Account in XP ?

( Just a guess , since no-one else has replied yet … )

Not an answer to your question, but are you sure you want to be rid of 5.3.1?

Usually, you can keep older versions of Cubase installed and usable with no trouble. You might sometimes find that a cpr file created on an older version doesn’t work so well on a newer version. Keeping the older versions installed is a way to play safe in case of problems with the newer version.

Or your composer friend only has cubase 5.3.1 so you could wiork with him in cubase 5 and import wav with effects from 6.5.

Btw if i have a 6.5 license i am allowed to run all lower versions. But from where do i get for example cubase 5 :wink:

Greetz Bassbase