Can not upload Midi remote script

Hi everyone,
I’m using cubase artist 12 on a MacBook Air with OSX Monterey. I wanted to use my Alesis VI49 as a controller. Found out, there is no script for it in the program but I could find a script to download. The file is a .js file.
I tried to upload this script file in the midi remote messenger. A finder window appears, I can see the file but I cannot click it. because it’s only light grey.
Any idea why? Please help me.

Hey Heiko, I think you need to add it here:

/Users//Documents/Steinberg/Cubase*/MIDI Remote/Driver Scripts/Local/alesis/alesis_V129/alesis_v129.js.

*: the folder name here could be different.

Also please check the port names… it could be anything really could you attach the code to a reply to take a look?