Can Nundeo 10 open Nuendo 5.5 projects

As title said, i wonder that if Nuendo 10 can open N5.5 projects. I am still using the N5.5 mac version for daily works and i am going to upgrade to N10 . I just want to make sure if it is ok to open the N5 section in the N10 . Thanks

Yes. Still have 5.5 at home and use 10 at the office. Have opened projects from home no problem. I’ve even opened 10 projects on 5.5!

thanks, and can i use the old Nuendo 5.5 and the update one N10 in my dongle? after upgrade to 10, and whn i want to open the N5, it ask me to enter activation code again for N5. SO i need to type the Activation Key everytime when i am switching between N5 and N10?

A Nuendo 10 license will allow you to use Nuendo 10 as well as any previous version.

I pretty recently opened up a project that originally was made in either Nuendo 2 or Nuendo 3. Not entirely sure which it was, but the project opened up nicely.