Can one Dorico license be installed on two computers?

It would be good to have one copy of license to be installed on two computers. One on a desktop for better performance and connecting to preferrals, and one on a laptop for on the move.

The official way is to use the usb dongle. There’s no way back to soft e-licenser.
The unofficial way is to “reactivate” on the second machine. You’ll receive a code which will make the activation of your license on the new machine. The first machine will still work though, but you won’t be authorized to update Dorico with that “old” code.


I was faced with the same problem, my laptop is Apple and desktop is Win10.
I read that some people have had problems but I purchased the e-licenser from Amazon. So far it has been fine, I just have to remember to take the key with the laptop.

Not exactly “unofficial”: Software/license reactivation (requesting new activation codes) – Steinberg Support
(I’d say temporarily)

I love my dongles since decades, but I respect other’s feeling :slight_smile: