Can one get rid of the trill line (in cues)?

Hello, is there a method to get rid of the trill extension line in cues?

trill line in cue.png

It depends. If it’s a part layout, you can switch to engrave mode, where you can select the cued trill, and toggle the ‘Has trill line’ property. If it’s a full score layout the original trill and the cued trill cannot have different properties set.

Thank you András,
the Full score has the properties set to not show the trill line:

I propagated the property, so the violin part shows no trill line.

The custom score is where I see the trill line in the cue.

I can go into Engrave mode, grab the handle of the trill line and shift it slightly:

I can not get rid of it completely.
a bit shorter.png
Full score.png

Try showing the Violin 1 player who has that trill in your custom score, then set the property on the trill in the Violin 1 staff directly, which should also hide it in the cue. I think you should then be able to detach the Violin 1 player from the custom layout again and the edit will be preserved.

that is a brilliant workaround, thank you: