Can one use Dragon type software with C6?

Aloha guys,

Kinda stupid ‘off the wall’ question here but you don’t know till you ask.

Does anyone know if it is possible to have voice commands
(using Dragon or any other vox recognition software)
control any of the functions of C6?

I realize that there might be a prob when using C6
and audio tracks but how about just using MIDI tracks and VSTI’s?

Functions like:
‘Go to bar’ ----?
etc etc etc.

Or can it be used with C6 in the Finder (or Windows equivalent)
to open/close songs?

Commands like:
Open song #----?
‘Open Song’
‘xcuse me while I kiss this guy’
etc etc etc.

Sorry for using up time and bandwidth with this but this forum might be
the best place to ask this.

Major TIA

I’ve often wondered this myself actually but i’m a PC user so there are obviously differences here…

I’ve had a few half hearted attempts at it but no joy… background noise is also an issue with VR… win7 has VR built in which, from my own experiences, i find far superior to Dragon… i ran Dragon 10 iirc for a year or so and found it pretty frustrating to work with… win VR is still a bit frustrating but i find much easier to get on with…
I have some disabilities related to my neck/shoulders/hands and this would be VERY handy for me and others like me, as well as the lazy sods who just can’t be bothered… he he :wink:

Would be rather handy though!

what a brilliant and intriguing idea!

I bought Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 a few months ago for work; also found it very frustrating and didn’t persevere with it. However, for short one or two word commands, that could be different. If I get a chance, I’'l load Dragon onto my DAW this weekend and give it a go.


Thanks for the info guys,

Perhaps others will also chime in on this.

@ plectrumboy:
Nice avatar. Hope that is your ax.