Can only get 9 tracks of audio

and one midi track before I start to get ‘crackling’ noises.The audio tracks all have plug ins (Amplitube) and the midi track is Superior Drummer.
I’m using Artist 6 with an Acer 5742 laptop (i5 460M), 2.53Ghz, 8Gb RAM, and an M Audio Fast Track Ultra interface with a buffer size of 256.
Is this normal or should I be able to get more tracks without lowering the buffer size?

I think you’ll find it’s due to 9 instances of Amplitube and 1 instance of SD thats your problem.

Oh… and it’s raise the buffer size to get more headroom.

Yes,I meant to say ‘raise’ the buffer size.
So in other words it’s to be expected (crackling noises) using so many plug-ins?

Amplitude is a terribly greedy resource plugin. Also, Sample plugins like EZ-Drummer can also put quite a strain on a modest system. But, your problem is most likely due to Amplitude abuse. For playback and editing you should really up the buffers. For tracking, you should mute/disable tracks you don’t need before lowering the buffers down.

I think Amplitube is a bit of a processor hog (depending on patch)

Thanks, I will try that.