Can only one quick control be assigned to one plug-in?

Can only one quick control be assigned to one plug-in?
I’ve assigned different MIDI channels within the same plug-in to different tracks and started up different instruments, but it has no effect.


You can sign up to 8 Quick Controls per track. The distribution to plug-ins doesn’t play any role at the given track.

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Thank you very much.
I see that those eight quick controllers can only effect one channel per plugin.
So they don’t have an effect on other channels within one plugin.
So then, if I want to recreate the orchestration, would it be better to deal with one plug-in sound source per instrument?
I have 128GB of memory on my PC, but I’m a little worried about the number of instruments being too large…


To make it clear… By plug-in you mean the instrument, correct?

No. To keep CPU load lower, it’s better to use multitimbral instruments.

Yes, I mean the instruments.

So when you use many instruments like I do, you prefer not to use the quick controller?

I apologize if my English was incorrect.


You can use the Quick Controls for the given Instrument/patch at the given MIDI Track.

Can I set up a single plugin as a multitimbral instrument, launching each instrument on separate tracks, and configure eight Quick Controls for each track?

When using the multitimbral feature of a single plugin to assign different instruments to separate tracks, the Quick Controls only affect the corresponding channels of the plugin within each track. They do not have any effect on other channels within the same plugin or on different plugins.


If the plug-in (VSTi) supports it, you can do it.

Yes, add the MIDI Tracks and route the outputs to the specific MIDI Channels.

Yes, on the MIDI Tracks.

I thought the quick control was in the inspector, is that correct?
The image shows two instruments loaded in one plugin.
1,I have set up 1 and 2 MIDI channels for each instrument.
2,I assign each instrument to two tracks.
(Kontakt 7 01, MIDI 01)
3,Operate the quick controls in the inspector of the track (Kontakt 7 01).
4,The data goes into the track named Kontakt 7 under Kontakt 7 folder in the VST instrument, and the data only affects Kontakt 7 01 (1 channel MIDI).
5,Operate the quick controls in the inspector of the track (MIDI 01).
6,The instrument assigned to track (MIDI 01) will not be changed.


What parameters exactly did you assign to the Quick Controls (especially at the MIDI 01 Track), please?

I can see only 1 screenshot. The MIDI 01 track screenshot is missing.

This is a project I made as a demo, so I deleted it.
I have the bottom 2 channels of the plugin routed to a MIDI 01 track.
When I move the quick control in the inspector of that MIDI 01 track, it only works on the upper one (MIDI 1 channel) that is routed to the Kontakt 7 track.
What I moved is Articulation in the inspector of the MIDI 01 track. But it only changes the Articulation in the MIDI 1 channel plugin.
If I manipulate anything else, it just raises or lowers the roller line that is in the VST Instrument/Kontakt7/Kontakt7 of the track (I think this only affects the MIDI1 channel).


Are you sure, you set the MIDI Channel 2 at the MIDI 01 track, please?

Yes, of course.
I have set up MIDI channel 2 on the MIDI 01 track.

It is a dirty video, but please take a look.
What I am saying. I hope you can understand what I mean.


Could you show (post a screenshot) the Quick Control assignment on the MIDI Track 2, please? Or could you try to right-click the element in GUI (Kontakt) and make the assignment from here, to make sure, the 2nd slot is taken in account?

Uploading: bandicam 2023-07-20 18-21-09-433.mp4…
In Cubase 12.0.70, the quick controller is set for the first sound source, but not for the second.
But this time, we will manually set the same settings.