Can only one quick control be assigned to one plug-in?


How did you make the Quick Control assignment, please?

In Cubase 12.0.70, a plug-in comes on by itself.

When I open the plug-in, it asks, “Do you want to create a track?”

If you answer “yes” and create a track, the quick controller will be created by itself.
Alternatively, you can create a track by yourself by pressing the red circle (if the plugin supports it…).


Have you already tried this?

You can see the results in the video I sent you yesterday.
You can see the effect of assigning it to the second track.
It works even though the first track is on MIDI channel 2.


I can see the result. But you didn’t assign the controls the way I was asking for.

I understood.
When I routed a completely unrelated MIDI number, the MIDI channels worked individually.
Thank you for your patience and instruction.
I appreciate it.