Can only set one SEND at a time!??!

I am building a template and I have 125 tracks.

I need to also set two SEND channels for REV and DELAY on each track.

But Cubase is making me do it manually on every single track?!?!?

I cannot just highlight the mixer channels I want and add a send channel?

Please tell me there is a smarter way than clicking on each and every track.

Hold down Shift+Alt when you pick the send/fx bus and it will add to all tracks selected.

Or, you can enable Q-Link mode for multi-selected tracks to follow your commands. (At the very top of your screenshot)

OR you can also use the standard ‘link’ mode which allows you to link channels into fixed groups which will move when you only change one of them, and this can cover Sends, Inserts, EQ, Levels, Pan etc. It’s very flexible and part of why i love Cubase for these kind of tasks.


Oh hey, this was nice reading indeed. Thanks to Alexander78 for asking and skijumptoes for the answer. This will save me so much time and mouse clicks!