Can open project but can't save him

Background :3 days ago my CPR file was 40 megabytes and now increased to 1 gigabyte , i don’t know what causes it but I didn’t have CPR more then 70 megabytes Since i installed my Cubase 1 year ago (only CPR - No audio images , No audio , no track picture Only CPR).
the projects open fine , you hear all the channels everything is good , but , as you go to save it he thinks about 40 , 45 seconds and gives you an error saying : The File is corrupt
Can’t Save The Project

In Other words - A year of my life been washed away

what i tried to do far : i tried to backup the project (relocate him as a new one , still can’t save , i tried to move channels to a new project and then save , still not saving , i tried to update my Cubase from 10.0.06 to 10.5.2 still nothing .
Cubase opens and save all the new projects except the one i needed so if there is someone who can help me with that thank you in advance.

Michael Karenkih

Hi and welcome,

Do you still have the original 40MB project, please?

I would try to save the project (Backup Project, Save As, Make a New version…) from here, not from the corrupted 1GB file.