Can PadShop load user samples?

Hello -

I’ve been reading the specifications on PadShop, and I’m left with the impression that the samples to be manipulated are only available via the “SoftGrain Wave ROM”. Is that true, or can I load my own samples? Can the instrument read an incoming audio stream?

I’m looking forward to this VST.

– Todd

I hope it can, or that it will be implemented in a future version. That would make it infinitely more powerful IMO. :smiley:

Yep, +1.
Feature requests are out before we even know the features :sunglasses:

Padshop can not import user samples.


Is the inability to load user samples a showstopper?

I’ve read on other forums how this is not well received.
However, I’ve also read comments on how it depends on the vastness of the included samples.

I would think, as artists, that we would use what is available to us and make the best with it.

The inability to load user samples would definitely be a limit, but considering how this could be linked with other instruments, effects, and whatnot, I think that the limit could be overcome.


Surely the usefullness of the synth is now entirely defined by the included samples. Thing is if it was open for custom sounds, you would never be disappointed as you could always find something useful to do with it. Now it’s just a set package. Don’t like what it does, and it’s worthless.

Is this a possible plan for a future update, or entirely out of the question for this product?

No, in a granular synth samples are strictly speaking not needed at all, it is the engine, implementation and user control that define the sound not the basic samples, more and better control of granule behaviour is more important than the sample set, and since it is not out yet we cannot pass judgement on that aspect at the moment

Though I see your point, Reiknir, I think that these basic excerpts from Eric Kuehnl’s article on GS, “The most musically important aspect of an individual grain is its waveform. The variability of waveforms from grain to grain plays a significant role in the flexibility of granular synthesis.” and “Real-time granular synthesis requires an endless supply of grain generating devices.”, clearly states that with a larger supply of grains (i.e. the smaller fractional parts, from samples, designated by the function of grain width, duration, size or some other labels, in the case of PS) available, the greater the variability in the end result. (

Please note that I am not arguing against your point in terms of the importance of the control aspect, but merely to point out that grains, and therefore the raw material that consist of them, are indeed a very important component.

Also, I would not simply state that, because of “limited” (it DOES after all, have “hundreds of sounds” at your disposal) raw material available, PS is worthless if you do not like it. It is NOT a ROMpler that simply plays samples, but rather it uses small particles (grains) from the samples to generate new dynamic real-time “samples” (audio stream). Furthermore, by being able to functionally manipulate this generation process in real-time, the end results are seemingly limitless. Well, within limits, of course. :laughing:

Anyways, just my two cents.

Fair enough, just saying that there’s quite a difference between limitless possibilities with the included samples and limitless possibilities with any sample.
Too early to tell indeed, but still a downer. Price makes up for it though.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
Please Steinberg, in future versions…we want load user samples



Playing around with it, I’d LOVE to throw my own samples in there … it’s so powerful!

We might have a solution for that in the not so distant future :wink:


:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Steinberg ROCKS! :wink:

And there it is. €10,- upgrade to get additional fx, sample loading facilities, EQ and 50 new presets.