Can part colors be set to change with the track?

I’m wondering if there is a way to achieve this in C5.

I have CS5 and my part colors change every time I change the track color if that’s what you’re looking for.

After I’ve assigned new colors in the swatch page, the parts change but not tracks, and when I change the track colors parts don’t change accordingly.

I just changed the color by clicking the right side of the track and chosing from the color assortment. The part corresponded accordingly.

Yes, that’s what is not happening, but only after I’ve created some new colors AFAIK.


I wonder if this is a setting in the preferences. It should work for you. I don’t think it discriminates. :slight_smile:

A Part will take the color of the Track, so long as you haven’t specifically assigned a color to the Part (which then overrides the track’s color). So, if that is the case, just set the Part’s color back to “Default”.

Ok, so the setting of Default for a Part allows the Track Color to be inherited, is that right?

Thank you


hi Vic

That seems to work, except when I add new colors, track colors change which I understand but there seems to be a problem creating new colors at the end of the list.

If I remember correctly, new colors will be created immediately under (or is it at the same place as?) the currently-highlighted color in the color setup dialog.

Yes, which is unfortunate.