Can Parts Keep Color when added to a folder?

This is not happening here. Have you tried different settings in Prefs/Event Display/ tracks, auto track color mode?

If you only knew…lol
I have gone nuts trying the settings…

Mind you, i’m speaking of the parts not the actual tracks.

I’m not sure what’s going on there. I have no problems and can’t replicate what you’re describing.

ie: Tracks are colored red, inside a folder colored orange. The regions on those tracks still show up as red. (The regions already have the ‘Default Color’ property by default, and so they auto-inherit).

Am I missing something?

Snapshot coming up…

SO again,
Here’s my Issue.
When I put the tracks in folders, the tracks keep the colors but parts get folder color…
I want the track AND parts to keep their original colors.
I tried different settings and can’t get them to keep their colors.
No Folder.jpg

I’m scratching my head here. Don’t have Cubase in front of me to poke around. Are you sure it’s not a preference somewhere? I’m not advocating it, but I wonder about moving your pref folder to the desktop (while Cubase is quit) then reopening your project and see if the effect changes. (Obviously quit and move it back after).

What if you start a new empty session (not from a template, just totally empty) and add some colored tracks to a folder, does the same thing happen?

I’m almost wondering if I should post an empty project with tracks set up working correctly and you open it or vice versa to see if the effect is a pref or a project setting.

Parts with default color inherit the color from its parent.

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Funny… I WANT this to happen and I don’t think it does. Almost always when I move something into a group I want everything to be the same color so it’s easier to spot different sections on the mixer. Pretty sure I always have to change it by hand.

Cubase color inheritance test.gif

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Thx for the gif… it took me a couple of tries to understand but clicked when I read the previous post about “Default Color” and “Parent”

See, Now is there a way to turn that off. I DON’T want it to change color to the parent.

I spent hours configuring all my colors in the settings and want them to stay that way when I put them in the folder.
I don’t want to spend anymore time in a project working on colors…

I tried to move varius yellow and red tracks into a purple folder, they keep their color including parts.
Tried all available preference settings and changing the global default color versus the track color, no difference.

Try starting Cubase in safe mode, it could be a corrupt preference file.
Or something completely different, never encountered that behaviour.

Tested here too. Works flawlessly.

‘Default color’ is not just a shortcut for color, its behavior is different from other colors’. I think ‘Default color’ is not the specific color but an attribute for inheriting the color from its parent.

This behavior seems to be same on older versions of Cubase (I checked it on 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5 with clean settings). On Cubase6.5, default color is not changeable. They are all grey.

The fact that ‘Default color’ track head indicates the color defined in Preference (not the inherited color) may have been confusing users. It should be called ‘Color for inherit mode’ ‘Color for follow mode’ or something like that.

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Here are some macros.

PLE Preset - Set Color1 to Selected Audio Tracks
Property, Property is set, Event is selected, And
Container Type is, Equal, Track, And
Media Type is, Equal, Audio
Set Color, Set to fixed value, Color 1

Macro - Add Audio Track and Set Color1
Add Track - Audio
Process Project Logical Editor - Set Color1 to Selected Audio Tracks
(If you add multiple tracks, Color1 is applied to only last added track)

Macro - Set MyColors to Selected Tracks
Process Project Logical Editor - Set Color1 to Selected Audio Tracks
Process Project Logical Editor - Set Color2 to Selected MIDI Tracks
Process Project Logical Editor - Set Color3 to Selected Group Tracks
Process Project Logical Editor - Set Color4 to Selected FX Tracks

Cubase Macro - Apply different colors at a time.gif
Both MIDI and Instrument Tracks are recognized as MIDI Tracks.
These macros need PLE window closed.

TY… I’ll be doing some more checks but seems the latest update fixed this issue…

I think…lol

theRoyal1 - did it get fixed on your system? Still a problem over here on OSX.

I started a separate thread about it and it seems like mine and yours have merged, now that I realize folders are the culprit.

Gold +1 Thank you!

Excellent macros, thank you. I’m wondering, can Cubase pause during Macro execution to allow for user input?

I’d like the Macro to Pause and allow for a Color value to be selected. If possible, it would let related tracks be selected and the then a Color could be applied to them during the Macro’s execution. Is that possible? Marcos are still challenging for me, but the ones I have working are very useful.

Take care for now. :slight_smile:

I still strugly with this on cubase 11 artist.
I cant use folders because of this. Events will be grey no matter what.

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AORN The behaviour is correct EXCEPT for Audio tracks.

I can drag an instrument or Midi track into a folder and they STAY the color of the track. When I do this with an audio track, it takes the color of the folder AND if you try to change the color to the default via the “use track default” button it wont change the color of the parts/data…
If you change it to another color however, it’ll take that color and works correctly but try and change it to track default and it goes back to the folder color. It’s so asinine…and frustrating.