Can playback and transport control be assigned to Nektar Panorama P6

I use my Nektar Panorama P6 keyboard for inputting notes into Dorico. It is a controller keyboard that had had extensive maps produced for use with Reason, Logic, Cubase and Studio One 4. Is there a way I can assign the transport controls to move through a Dorico project?

You can map certain MIDI commands to Dorico’s key commands in the Key Commands editor in Preferences, so depending on what data the transport controls on the keyboard send or can be configured to send, you may be able to set this up.

So I’ve tried mapping the P6’s transport controls. In the ‘midi learn’ page of PLAY in the Preferences /Key Commands /Play my keyboard’s transport comes up as REW -CC109, FF -110, STOP -111, PLAY -112, REC -113, and ‘PREVIOUS MARKER’ -114 , ‘NEXT MARKER’ -115.

I entered data for REW, FF, STOP, REC as their name suggests. PLAY I set to ‘Start or stop Playback / Playhead position’, and the ‘PREVIOUS MARKER’ to ‘Move Playhead to start of flow’.

Although the controls work in navigating, is it because they are CC commands that they don’t ‘latch’ ie. to make it FF I have to press numerous times to get the transport move a bar at a time. It doesn’t ‘latch’ and then allow me to press STOP when I’m at my chosen bar.
In the same way, PLAY illuminates the green icon, but stops when I release the button, rather than latching.
This would be brilliant to sort out though, just because it’s a few less key presses that you have to remember.
Is it a setting somewhere?

Unfortunately Dorico doesn’t currently discriminate between different values for the controller, so when you press the button it presumably sends e.g. CC109,127, and when you release it, it sends CC109,0, and to Dorico both of these messages are the same, so this effectively triggers the command twice. This isn’t particularly helpful! We need to do some more work in this area.

Daniel put me onto ‘assigning midi commands’ in Preferences \ Key Commands.
My keyboard outputs CC#108-114 for REW, FF, STOP, PLAY,RECORD, PREV MARKER, NEXT MARKER.

I have assigned these according to the ‘Midi learn’ function but only the PREV Marker works. The FF and REW move the transport 1 bar per click but don’t ‘latch’ (ie. operate until you press another key). The PLAY works in the same way. I have to keep it pressed down and then sometimes all hell breaks loose (stuck notes etc.).
Is Dorico expecting to receive just one SYSEX type command?

I’ve not used the P6 so I may be off track. I think the transport sends different messages dependent on the mode of the keyboard. If you use them as function keys they should send one message. That may have implications for other functions.

When I use the P6 in Dorico, it fixes itself on the ‘INTERNAL’ mode which is fine as I’ve written a map for selecting the different articulations of my library with the 8 push buttons and the 8 faders. They control the different things such as expression, dynamics, attack, release, etc. It’s working really well. I bought it a few years back specifically for Reason. At that time, there was only one controller map for Reason. But since then they’ve done maps for Cubase, Logic and Studio One. When I use it in Stuio One, the other three ‘modes’ become available with the right driver loaded and you get access to the MIXER, INSTRUMENT and TRANSPORT. I’ll just have to learn more keyboard shortcuts as Dorico has lots of points to playback from.