Can quality be improved.?

In this comparison video clip, the RipX tool does a better job of separating the vocal from a song, than SL8 One.

The video is timestamped to start at the right place of comparison

One big thing to note, is how SL8 takes around 20secs to complete its processing, whilst RipX is taking ‘minutes’ he says… So, a lot more time spent getting to the results. Would this help SL8 somehow (maybe RipX is doing more than one pass on the processing for example)… Anything to do with the version/edition of the Spleeter algorithm being used (purely guessing that there might even be a difference).? Any thoughts.?

I love the convenience of SL, and have experimented with the controls a little, but like in the video am always getting those high-pitched ‘whistle’ sounds/artifacts sprinkled throughout. Honestly I’m tending to use the tool entirely less and less these days… Would an upgrade to SL8 Pro (having more tools) give chance of better results maybe.?

You could always test SL8 Pro yourself by trying the demo. Why merely rely on other people’s opinions?

To me, “track ripping”, or whatever you want to call it, is a gimmick designed to sell audio restoration programs to people who would not normally buy them. Of course track ripping produces artifacts; that’s why I don’t use it.

If, in spite of what I’ve said, you’re really bent on getting a track-ripper, consider one from Audionamix. They did the remaster of the mono soundtrack of ‘Psycho’.

Of course, you’re right… Though, I had tried Pro before getting Elements 7. It wasn’t as I expected and I struggled to get consistently good results. If SL8 is the same underlying technology, then I guess there’s my answer. My understanding is that RipX uses the same Spleeter algos as SL… which made me curious/speculating why it was so much better.

Thanks - though I’m not in the least ‘bent on getting a track-ripper’; the test was doing the same type of audio job i.e. unmixing vocals from a fully mixed song, thats all.

Let me know if you need additional assistance, I am starting a service where I would assist others in separating stems (all stems). See my results here