Can recent Magneto versions operate/sound the same as legacy version?

I used to use magneto on a lot of tracks. I would like to get it for windows 10.

I noticed on promo videos there is no longer an input knob. Only saturation.

Legacy version had both an input knob, and a “drive” control.

I really liked this architecture. I would always turn up the input knob to taste, then turn up the drive knob to taste. Sometimes I would use a lot of drive, sometimes I would use a little.

I found Magneto very helpful just in general taming of harsh transients and organic form of compression. I never worried how much it really sounded “like tape” or not.

I am worried now that it has been redesigned with all the bells and whistles, it will no longer represent the same on my old mixes now that I am porting them to windows 10.

Is the frequency tuning feature transparent when set to let all frequencies pass through to tape? It makes me nervous that the circuit is there at all, it would be nice if the frequency tuning section had a bypass button to be sure it acted like actual tape. After all, real tape compressed and saturated the entire signal, not just user selected frequencies.

I just really, really liked how the original magneto worked, and what it did to the overall signal.

I would like to use it on single mono tracks as well as the mix buss sometimes.

Also if I puchase cubase or wavelab etc, will I be able to use magneto as a plugin in other software on my machine that is not a steinberg product?

Thanks for any help or info! : )