Can repeated steps applied to audio be automated?


Is it possible to use the logical editor to automate common clicks?
i.e. I often use tempo detection, could I create an automation once I have highlighted audio to
a) ‘Project’ Toolbar
c) ‘Tempo Detection’
d) ‘Analyze’

Another one is after highlighting all tracks in the project (say they are drum stems and I analysed the overhead, I now want to apply to all)
a) Navigate to ‘Audio’ Toolbar
b) From the menu select ‘advanced’
c) From the sub-menu select ‘set definition from tempo’
d) Change the time base to ‘linear’ (tempo detection will have set this to musical)

Is there a function to calculate the average tempo? At present I just visually check what sits in the middle.

Another useful shortcut would be to export all stems in the project to predefined settings

Thanks in advance,

im also interested in this, also with offline processing chains…

right now, with macro’s, it still asks to apply every time, so its not really automated


No, there is no way, how to automate mouse position or mouse clicks in Cubase.

You can call the Tempo Detection function directly via Key Command. But then you have to click to Analyse.

Again, you can call the Set Definition from Tempo by hitting custom Key Command.

No, there is not. But you can use the Beat Calculator.