Can rests and notes be adjusted in Engrave Mode?


I seem not to be able to nudge my rests or the notes in Engrave Mode.
Selecting either of them and trying to change the X Offset does not work.
Changing the Note Spacing individually does not work, both elements move at the same time.
Is there a way to fix this?

no Offset possible?

What happens if you change the Voice column index of the notes? That should enable you to separate the notes from the rests, so you can move them separately.

Thank you Juerg, this seems like a possibility.
Though it does not work when accidentals are involved - as they don’t move with the note in Engrave Mode - Note Spacing:
voice column

I’m not at the computer, but can’t you move the accidentals separately in the properties?

Ah, thank you Juerg - after going through the details of the property panel, I could offset the accidentals (Accidental X offset):