Can second same instrument be labeled the same?

Is there a way to avoid that a second same instrument is labeled differently? For example, I am using a single player that uses 2 instruments, both celli. Dorico renames the second cello to Cello 2. Can this be avoided or in the score itself changed?

The second same instruments are being routed to FX libraries while the first instrument is routed to NotePerformer. This way I don’t have to add extra staves for those instruments, and in page view, only one version is being (the staff with notes), so this works out great. But Dorico relabels them during the switch.

Call the second instrument ’ Cello’ instead of ‘Cello’. Then Dorico will think they’re different, but the difference isn’t visible.

Thank so much, that’s really a good and easy solution. Plus I was able to hide the instrument change names in the score by adding a space in the property panel in engrave mode for them, which made them invisible.