Can sheet background color be changed (not score background)?

Hi all,

Got an email from Steinberg with great crossgrade offer, so went for it… :wink:

Having been used to a more mellow (a bit yellowish) sheet background in Sibelius and Finally, the plain white Dorico 2 background is a bit hard on the eye. Can this be changed somehow? I could not find an option, nor after searching this forum.

Thanks in advance.


I use something called f.lux to make the whole screen more yellow.

Thanks for the advice. I recall Windows 10 has something similar.
Will check f.lux.

We do plan to make it possible to change the colours used in Dorico’s interface, but I’m afraid that is not yet possible.

Wow, this is excellent. I have “night mode” on my laptop, but this is far better. Thanks!

Downloaded the program and it works like charm. Thanks once more for the advice!

Daniel, thanks for your response and answer. The program f.lux works great in the meantime.
This is my second day with Dorico since my first experience, shortly after the official release some time ago.
I am impressed by the software so far and look forward to coming updates.
I know I have been critical in many ways and maybe too often. I sincerely apologize for that.

Thank you once more!


I’m glad that you’re finding using Dorico to be a pleasurable experience so far. We take constructive criticism in the spirit in which it is intended and always do our best to make the best decisions possible to make the software better and better for our users, given the constraints of time and resources. So no hard feelings at all, and I hope you continue to enjoy using Dorico.