Can some one repro this with chord track please? C 8.5

Create new project

Using pencil create 4 or any amount of bars.

In cycle mode, rubber band the four chord parts.

Hit P to set the markers around the four bars.

Only first three bars will be selected, highlight three and only two bars will be looped etc etc.

Same with any amount of bars, last bar, last one is always left out of the cycle!

Fortunately it doesn’t happen in 8.3 projects if they’re imorted in…

Hopefully it’s me and not a a new bug!


Just to make sure, by pencil, you are creating 4 Chord Events, right? Every single one sits exactly at the beginning of the bar, right?

I can reproduce it the very same way, as I described. But the same behavior is already in Cubase 7.5. Can you confirm this?

Thanks for the response, it’s only on new projects in 8.5 here, no issue in 8.3…