can somebody please tell me how to get sound into the track?

I am using ‘Audio Realism Bassline 2’ plug in of a 303. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the sound the 303 is making recorded into the track. I have been trying for a week and I have done an ‘Audio Mixdown’ as people have suggested on here but still I have had no luck. I am now nearly demented!

Put some more meat on what you mean and what you are trying to do. So you are using a plugin with a specific sound which you hear thru your monitors/ headphones and then you …???

make sure you don’t have the monitor button activated on the track you’re mixing down?
And you have the Stereo OUT selected in the Export dialog?

@ Davemac, the plug in is playing an acid sound that i want to put into the tune i am trying to work on but I just cant figure out how to get the acid sound it is playing to transfer INTO the track (when you use samples it appears in rectangle box with a waveform picture in it) between the ‘left and right locators’. I was told previously to click File>Export>Audio Mixdown but the sound that appeared between the L&R locators was NOT the acid sound from the 303, it was the drums from GrooveAgent… ???

If your going to do the file/export thing then you need to solo the track and make sure it’s not in record (monitor enable)

Did you select and solo the right track before export?

Is it loaded as an VST Instrument in the Instrument Rack (F11) or as an Instrument Track?

(watch this video if you don’t know what I am talking about)

AudioRealism Bassline 2 has optional triggering modes. Are you sure you are triggering it via MIDI or do you just hit a “Play”-button inside the synth? Be sure to trigger it via MIDI!

I don’t really know the plugin i’m afraid, but I would suggest you look at what is enabled and functioning in the groove agent and try to copy the channel settings from this to the other as an experiment, render it and see what happens. It’s really difficult to diagnose this without seeing your project. The good news is you are getting something from the groove agent therefore there is nothing wrong with the program. Check if there is any automation working unobserved in the background :neutral_face:

Very moot point

Thanks guys…
After those comments i am confident to have some joy by the end of today…
@msy - i dont think i have been triggering it via midi as i have jut been hitting the play button on the 303… I have not solo’d the track before doing the mixdown either so there may be my errors. How do I trigure it via midi if i may ask? (Im just starting out with this)

Then you have probably selected wrong Channel in Export dialog.

Is the 303 playing back when you hit the Cubase play button, or does it only produce sound when you hit the play button in the 303? Sounds like it has its own step sequencer.

EDIT: what msy said above.

2nd EDIT: You need to have some MIDI to triger it. from page 17 in the ABL manual -
Using Pattern Mode
Each Midi note (0-127) corresponds to an ABL pattern. Note on messages start playback
of the pattern, and note off message stops playback. Velocity information is not used in
this mode.
Pattern Sequencing
Pattern sequencing is done by using the draw/pen tool (or similar) in the host sequencer.
Simply draw in the keyboard grid how long each pattern should play.

@fizbin - hiya, it only produces sound when i hit play on the 303.
Im not sure what you mean for me to do with the EDITs,
Its loaded as a VST instrument in the instrument rack, could you tell me how trigger it VIA midi please

Yeah, so the “normal” way of producing sound is for a MIDI track to send MIDI note data to the VST instrument (303), which then produces those notes. The requirements for your 303 instrument and the mode it’s in is to send notes from a MIDI track which then trigger note sequences stored in the instrument itself. Small, but important distinction, though setting it up should be the same.

You need to have a MIDI track which will send note data to the VSTi, rather than just hitting play in the VSTi. Rendering a track during mixdown simply plays back what you have recorded in audio and MIDI. It sounds like you don’t have any MIDI data to trigger anything that would render during mixdown.

I could go through a step-by-step here, but this is all well covered in the manual, probably the getting started guide.

Look for setting up a MIDI track to trigger a VST instrument.

Are you using a MIDI keyboard controller of any kind?

Thanks dude, I do need to get used to usingthe manual properly…

Yeah ive got an M Audio Oxygen8 midi keyboard that i would be using

So if you have it set up properly, and the monitor button on the MIDI track is engaged, and the correct MIDI input and output settings on that MIDI track are set up, you should be able to trigger the sequences from your keyboard.

An oxygen8 is tiny, so you may have to go to the extreme bass notes to find the sequences. Anyway, depending on where you’ve stored that sequence (somewhere between note 0 and 127), you’ll need to find it with your keyboard or in the cubase key editor, depending on how you want to record it. You can also just drop the notes in manually in the key editor, rather than recording it live.

Have you gotten any instrument to play in Cubase, by hitting notes on your keyboard? Setting up the 303 would be virtually the same.

Brilliant mate thanks. I’ve not even set things up correctly - I’m only just going through the External Instruments/Effects part of the manual, so my job tonight is to do what it says is required… Am I right in saying that when Ive spent the time configuring options etc as it says in the manual that I can use the 303 properly and get some aceeid in my tune? Thanks for your time - I am a total cpu idjut, i shall remember to use the manual from now on!

It is complicated. I recommend reading the manual and maybe running through some tutorials and work out how Cubase works before bolting on any other majore third party apps to it otherwise you’ll get confused to hell.

Think of setting Cubase up as wiring. Jack, lead, guitar, amp. That sort of thinking. Might help. :question: