Can somebody please try this (surround)

Set up a surround master output
Set up 4 mono tracks.
Set up 2 surround groups.
Set the 4 mono tracks to the main output buss, panned (respectively) Left, Right, LeftRear, RightRear.
Set up a send from each mono track to each subgroup, panned according to channel pan.
Disable output to “no buss” on each mono track.
What happens to the send panning?
(please try this with the preference “send panners follow channel panners” both on & off)

Just tried it and the send panning doesn’t change. My “Send Routing Panner follows Channel Panner by default” preference was originally unchecked.

I set up as you described. Switched to “No Bus” for each mono channel: routing intact. Switched the preference and applied it. Then changed the routing to “5.1” and back to “No Bus”: routing intact.

Oh well…
ALso, when the end follows track pannerpref is set, the system needs to be restarted and a new project created for it to work, I think…that pref has always been flaky for me.