Can somebody tell me how to confirm that I already own Dorico for iPad "Lifetime"?

I can’t for the life of me see where in the Dorico for iPad app it confirms your current subscription or lifetime ownership status of the app. Does this confirmation just turn off if you already have Lifetime, and otherwise you’re prompted to subscribe or sign up for it, etc.? Where can I go to confirm that I already have it? (can’t remember if I previously purchased it :-))…

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1 your Apple receipts should show what you have purchased
2 on your iPad, Settings, tap on your account/username at the top (for Apple ID etc.), then on the right panel, Subscriptions
3 in the App Store, Dorico, mine has “purchased” greyed out for the in-app purchase of Lifetime unlock, showing I cannot purchase it (again)
Hopefully something here is useful

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Thanks for the info. Amazingly, I still can’t figure this out. When I look in “Subscriptions” it says that it’s expired. However, when I open Dorico, I seem to be able to open large orchestra sessions, play them, etc. and there is no prompt to upgrade. When I look at Dorico in the App Store, it simply says "Open” with no mention of “Lifetime”. If I haven’t previously purchased Lifetime (which I admittedly can’t recall whether I did or not), I’d be happy to do it (especially right now during Cyberweek) but still can’t figure out how it is done (so thanks sheepishly for any more help)…

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Actually, (d’oh!) I now see the option of “Lifetime Unlock” underneath where it says “Open” in the App store. However, without purchasing it, I seem to already be able to create a full orchestra score which I presume I shouldn’t be able to do (shouldn’t it be limited to a single instrument since “Subscriptions” says my subscription expired on September 14?) I still suspect I already bought it, but just want to confirm…

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You should be able to open and play large orchestra sessions even without the upgrade or lifetime unlock but you would need one of those to edit or write anything with more than 4 players. Try opening a new file, making sure there are more than 4 players. If you can write music in that file then you must have the lifetime unlock (knowing that you don’t have an active subscription).

Otherwise, like @arco says, look in the App Store under Dorico. There, click on the Dorico symbol rather than the “open” button and this will take you to the info page on that app where you want to look under the In-App Purchases heading. On my wife’s iPad (which doesn’t have Dorico) it identifies the Dorico Lifetime Unlock and has a button with blue text giving the sale price in Canada, $84.99. On my iPad which does have the Lifetime Unlock as of a few days ago the same button displays the greyed out word “purchased”.

You can also look in the Preferences dialog within Dorico for iPad itself. where it has a little read-out (on the General page) of whether it is running with the Lifetime Unlock or subscription (or nothing).

Thanks for the further response. I can definitely create an orchestra template and write music into more than four staves. I’m also not getting any prompts from within Dorico for iPad app itself to upgrade further. However, in the App Store, it does give me the option to upgrade to lifetime (as if I have not yet purchased it). This is why I’m quite confused at this point. I thought that perhaps I purchased it but with a different iCloud account (I have a separate one for purchases). However, I switched to the other account and there was no record of anything Dorico related purchased. At the least, I would recommend that there be something clearly stated within the Dorico app itself reflecting one’s current status. In the meantime, I’m still admittedly confused (!)

Reading Daniel’s response and checking my own copy of Dorico for iPad, there already is clear indication in the app itself. In the General page of Preferences in Dorico for iPad there is a heading “Premium Features” in the lower half of the page. Under that heading on my iPad, it says:
Current status: Lifetime unlock

EDIT: The limit of 4 players on Dorico SE applies even if some of all of which play grand staff instruments such as piano or harp. This could result in up to 12 staves in the case of 4 organists. I expect you were testing with regular orchestra instruments but think it is useful to clarify that the limit is on the number of players rather than staves.

Aha! it’s to me pretty hidden but I did indeed find a “ current status: lifetime unlock” indication in the preferences – general section of Dorico for iPad. I’m still confused why the App Store is prompting me to still upgrade to lifetime and in iCloud “subscriptions” there’s no indication I had this, but I do vaguely remember paying for it the last time it was on sale (hence my confusion). Thanks, all for the clarification that I already paid for it, at any rate :-)…

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Apple purchase history information might be helpful?

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